Omar Sheikh

Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Student Researcher
Process Design and Control Laboratory
University of California, Los Angeles

About Me

When I was 4 years old, my father introduced me to a personal computer. I remember him assembling it and setting up DOS. I remember him teaching me how a computer functions, how to type on it, and how to use DOS commands. He used to spend hours on the computer. I just watched him, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Ever since, I have always had my hand in technology. From programming video games at Wayforward Technologies to building energy efficient cars with the UCLA Formula Zero Team, I’m always tinkering with the next exciting project. Here are a few recent projects I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in:

● Researching and developing microcontrollers and sensor circuits on a Smart Grid. Testing multiple platforms and programming mobile devices to create safer, more energy efficient platforms for users.
● Currently serve as the Controls Expert of the UCLA Formula Zero Team. Here, I counsel developers on the best ways to design and integrate the Hydrogen Fuel Cell System to maximize power output efficiency.
● Served as Vice President of the UCLA Linux User Group—a community of on campus developers committed to open source programming.
● Co-founded Masjidtime—an iOS app designed to streamline inner and intra-mosque communication.
● Integrated electroencephalograph (EEG) brain scanning technology to provide real-time feedback for a 3D boat racing game at WayForward Technologies.

Today, I’m looking forward to graduating with my Master’s and pursuing full-time work as a developer and engineer. I’d relish any opportunity to continue my work in the field of medicine or automotives. Given the profoundly positive experience I had developing the financial platform for Masjidtime, however, I would also be interested in developing similar programs to streamline commercial and non-profit exchange. Above all other considerations, I want to create programs and platforms that make a tangible and lasting difference in people’s lives.


My resume is available in the following formats:

[full (pdf) ] [short (pdf) ] (October 2016)



University of California, Los Angeles
4274 Boelter Hall, 420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095